Dispute Resolution

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Dispute Resolution & Arbitration

A correctly chosen strategy in the settlement of disputes is the key to success. Therefore it is important to carry out the requisite assessment of all the risks involved in a forthcoming process. In the event of a dispute, the client raises a number of questions that the law office must address, for instance the prospects of the case and assessment of risks, alternative methods of resolving an issue and determination of optimal decisions, successful execution of court judgments and the choice of interim measures.

We represent clients in courts and arbitral tribunals. We have an extensive experience in the settlement of disputes in a variety of areas of the law, ranging from awarding compensation for moral damages to settlements between insurance and construction companies.

Core Services

Our main services under Dispute Resolution & Arbitration include:

  • Preparation of statements of claim, petitions, trial briefs, and representation of the client in court
  • Assessment of risks of judicial proceedings
  • Conducting negotiations and determining extrajudicial settlement
  • Pursuing the claims of the client
  • Recognition and execution of judgments of court and arbitral tribunal