Family & Succession Law

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Family & Succession Law

The classic issues of family law to be considered include matters relating to the division of spouses’ joint property, recovery of alimony, the determination of parental access to children. We render legal services in all matters of family law. In order to optimize expenses in the interests of the client, we make an effort to attain an apposite resolution and, if possible, settle the matter out of court.


Succession is the transfer or redistribution of the property of the deceased, to the person or persons entitled, either by will or by operation of law. The law of succession is concerned with the legal consequences flowing from death on the deceased person’s property. This is dependent on whether the deceased died testate (having made a will) or intestate (not having made a will). The rules and principles relating to wills and the procedures for distribution of the deceased’s estate in Kenya are found in the Law of Succession Act. In the case of testate succession, the estate of the deceased, after satisfying all existing obligations, is distributed in the manner set out in the will. In the case of an intestate succession, the estate is distributed according to the laws of intestacy. We have the best family and succession legal team in the country.