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Intellectual Property

We provide astute counsel in trademark litigation and copyright law, including:

  • Perfecting copyrights to published material, software and other property;
  • Registering trademarks and service marks;
  • Licensing agreements;
  • Third party and end user agreements, as in software licensing;
  • Franchise agreements; and,
  • Enforcement actions and litigation.

Our legal team also has experience in drafting and enforcing employee agreements (non-compete/non-disclosure) to protect trade secrets. We represent plaintiffs or defendants in copyright infringement, trademark litigation, licensing disputes and restrictive covenant/trade secrets litigation. A cease-and-desist demand from your legal counsel may be effective, but our aggressive trial lawyers will pursue all remedies , including injunctions and lawsuits for damages.

Our law firm’s comprehensive abilities include business formation, contract law, employment law, civil litigation and appeals. In addition to copyright and trademark litigation, we can help you maximize the business potential of your intellectual property.

Environmental Law

Our environmental legal team is dynamic, with demonstrated commercial legal skills. We provide an efficient service and pragmatic advice to a wide array of clients, both in the public and private sectors. We have extensive experience in issues relating to environmental risk for businesses, legal issues relating to energy, property development and general commercial activity.

Our lawyers specializing in environmental law, including environmental risk, environmental auditing and due diligence studies.

We advise clients in relation to investigations and prosecutions by statutory authorities. We are experienced in representing clients both in the tribunal level and court level.

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Other Legal Services & Consultancies

We also provide a range of other consultancies and services, including:

  • Debt recovery;
  • Insurance matters;
  • Private client matters;